"IoT - Opportunities vs. Threats" meetup

20 July, 2017

Last week, the "IoT - Opportunities vs. Threats" meetup took place, as part of "The Digital Edge 2017" series of meetings organized by the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa and The Israel Chamber of Information Technologies. In this meetup Udi Wiesner, GM of Afcon Software division, presented Afcon's view of the trends in using IoT in Smart Building projects.

In his presentation, Mr. Wiesner pointed out the importance of not viewing this type of projects as "hardware projects", but as complex projects that require professionalism, proven methodology, and robust Command and Control software to manage it all.

Smart Building projects ultimately need to meet the expectations of the tenants and create actual benefits and value for them. It is therefore extremely important to define the objectives of the project and its target users, and to conduct workshops with groups of stakeholders.

"A Smart Building is not the same as a Smart Home" explained Wiesner. It runs critical systems such as electricity, HVAC, security and safety. These require professional design and deployment, and high quality devices and sensors, in order to guarantee safety and security while complying with standards and regulation.

Wiesner demonstrated the methodology by presenting Afcon's flagship project: the new Intel R&D campus in Israel, defined by Intel itself as aimed at being "the smartest building in the world".
Afcon is the leading contractor in this project, working with a global team of companies including Microsoft and various subcontractors.

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