Gateway to the Balkans - Montenegro 23-25 October, 2017

18 October, 2017

"Smart City - The journey from Vision to Integration"

Smart cities have become a major trend in the world.

Most modern countries, as well as emerging economies, initiate Smart City projects.

What is a Smart City? What does it take to make a city Smart?

Is it relevant for all markets?

Is it just another buzzword or can it really change the life of our citizens?

What benefits are in it for municipalities?

How can we guarantee that the project will not be just a technology hype, but an integrated, scalable solution with longevity of technology and benefits?

Udi Wiesner, General Manager - Afcon Software, will present the subject, suggest answers to these questions, advise with principal ideas and share best practices.

At the "Gateway to the Balkans - Montenegro 2017" event.

Visit :


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