AFCON Software Has Signed a Distribution Agreement With Fabelec, Chile

29 May, 2017

The Chilean market has hundreds of integrators with an estimated overall market size of tens of millions of USD.

December 5, 2016, AFCON Software, a leading global provider of command and control solutions for control and automation systems, and a pioneer in providing SCADA solutions, has signed a contract with Fabelec to distribute the PULSETM software. Fabelce is a well-known distribution company in Chile and specializes in automation and control systems distribution. Fabelec has an extensive experience with companies such as ADVANTECH and KEPWARE.

 Fabelec chose to distribute the Afcon PULSETM system due to its innovative and technological capabilities, making it most suitable for the Chilean emerging market and growing economy in South America. The Chilean market has hundreds of integrators, and its total relevant market size is estimated to be tens of millions of USD.

Zion Rubin, CEO of AFCON Control & Automation Ltd., said: "We were able to include new and advanced features in the new PULSETM version 4.0 making it more attractive for the market. Afcon Software Division has invested more than 3 million USD  for the development of the new PULSETMversion to provide the most advanced system to be available in the market. The fact that the system is adapted to the world of IoT (Internet Of Things - "connected world") and allows controlling a huge number of sensors activated through the cloud and applications, increases the potential of the relevant market and generates great interest in new foreign markets ."

Afcon software systems have about 50,000 worldwide installations. The PULSETM software is used to monitor and control industrial systems, BMS - Building Management Systems (energy, lighting, air conditioning, fire detection), security (interfaces for cameras, GIS, access control, intrusion), and more.

Afcon software, Afcon Control and Automation Ltd., are part of Afcon Holdings Ltd. which is traded in the Israeli stock exchange. This publication does not have any significant effect on the business results of the company or its subsidiaries, affiliated companies etc. Nothing in this publication may be considered as a recommendation for trading the Afcon Holdings Ltd. stock, securities, etc.

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