HS Orka, The Third Largest Energy Provider in Iceland, Has ChosenThe Advanced Pulse SCADA HMI solution

1 May, 2017

HS Orka, the third largest energy provider in Iceland, has chosen the advanced Pulse SCADA HMI solution. 

HS Orka is the third largest energy provider in Iceland, generating approximately 8% of the power in the country. The company operates two geothermal power stations at Reykjanes and Svartsengi, located in the southern peninsula of Iceland. HS Orka was in need of a software update in order to improve the management of their growing systems.

HS Orka has upgraded their PULSETM SCADA/HMI Command and Control system to the new PULSETM version 4.0. The upgrade took several months and has just recently been completed, its financial volume reaching several hundred thousand Euros.

Each power station is based on deep drilling reaching a depth of roughly 2-3 kilometers in 800 years young volcanic soil. High pressure steam is obtained from the deep drillings that enable power generation and water supply for domestic heating.

PULSETM software, an advanced command and control system for industries, security systems, intelligent building management and IoT solutions is developed and marketed by AFCON Control and Automation Ltd.

The PULSETM system installed in the power stations is considered large and complex, and includes more than 25,000 I/O channels distributed over a dozen servers, as well as several dozen client stations in the control room on each site.

The application developed for this customer deploys more than 2,500 active operation and monitoring screens in both control rooms.

PULSETM software enables management of a number of production units in both power stations from one central control room. The operators receive alarms and indicators in real time enabling them to control and react immediately to any event that occurs in the system. All information is stored in an up-to-date database, allowing analysis and improvement of processes, creating reports and analyzing the efficiency of power generation as well as generating data for pricing and customer billing purposes.

Among other considerations when upgrading the system were ease of maintenance that allows local teams to make changes in the application as needed, as well as the fact that the PULSETM system supports the latest data security technology allowing a safe IT work environment.

Due to the capacity of the system and its critical nature, the upgrade program was executed in two phases: Reykjanes Power Plant first, and then Svartsengi.

Udi Wiesner, GM of AFCON Software says: "This is a comprehensive project with high sensitivity. The customer's choice to upgrade to the new version of PULSETM reflects the confidence with Afcon as a supplier of the technology and professional services. We continue to develop the software as we enter new areas of cloud computing and cyber protection for control systems.

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