Round Table Discussion About "IoT Challenges"

30 November, 2016

Udi Wiesner, GM of Afcon Software Division, has participated in a recent round table discussion about "IoT challenges" held by the Globes, Israel leading business newspaper.The discussion, with some executives from leading vendors of the IT industry has been published in the October edition of Globes IT Magazine.

Mr. Wiesner has emphasized the need for holistic approach to IoT deployment.
"It is not only the technology of sensors", said Wiesner. "Regardless if it is an Industry 4.0 implementation or Smart city project.

The most important issue is the definition of the business objectives. Then a full methodologyand project plan of sensors, network and mainly the Command and Control Software are the key success factors in the success of the project. Only after that, the Big data and analytics capabilities will follow".

IoT is a beginning of an era, and Afcon, with its world leading PULSETM C&C software are truly one of the single companies which are ready for the challenge.

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