Training Course in South America Nov 2016

1 June, 2016

AFCON Software and Electronics momentum is anew following its launch of the PULSETM Version 4.0, a world leading command and control software of automation and control systems.
The PULSETM system is used for monitoring and control systems in the fields of industrial control, building management systems (BMS - energy, lighting, air conditioning, fire detection), security (camera interfaces, GIS, access control, intrusion), and more.

The new version launched recently, was adapted into the emerging world of IoT (Internet of Things - "connected world"), where in addition to its various existing capabilities, PULSETM manages and controls the vast number of sensors that are activated through the cloud and via apps.

Its innovative capabilities position PULSETM in an excellent point to serve as a platform of choice for command and control projects such as "Smart cities", organizations marching to the next generation of the Industrial revolution - Industry 4.0, and more.
The course in Latin America, by Arnaldo Dimuro, was designed to train Application and Support Engineers to learn and gain an in-depth understanding of the system. The training was focused on the major differences between the previous P-CIMTM software and the advanced PULSETM HMI/SCADA software. The course was attended by representatives and business partners of AFCON Argentina and other countries in Latin America.

As explained by one of the participants, customers have been expecting to get the new PULSE tools and be able to implement effective and more reliable solutions for better results,
by applying techniques to get better KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), alongside OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

In the course, a South American integrator, who engaged in the implementation of systems for many years, took part. This company has worked with the old P-CIM. Now, after considering other options, the integrator proactively selected PULSETM solutions and is offering it both to new customers and as an upgrade to existing customers. Among the considerations, said the integrator, is the fact that PULSETM maintained continuity and compatibility with the previous versions of P-CIM, enabling investments protection by customers, together with the benefits of a new innovative version that meets the new requirements of IoT, Industry 4.0, Cloud technology, and Big Data.

Udi Wiesner, GM of Afcon Software division proudly mentioned the warm welcome for PULSETM 4.0 in the installed base and new customers: "We are happy with the momentum created in the market, and we look forward to the projects in innovative fields."

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