Afcon Software - Big Data and Analytics in Automation Systems

30 September, 2016

Udi Wiesner, GM of Afcon Software division, has participated in a roundtable discussion of leading executives of the IT industry, Published on September 2016 IT magazine of "Globes" - a leading newspaper, considered Israel business arena.

The roundtable discussion was about the potential and opportunities in Big data and Analytics. Mr. Wiesner reviewed the hugh potential in doing analytics and Big data with the enormous amounts of data produced By sensors, controllers and elements in areas as Industrial systems, BMS, Energy management systems, and more.

"Smart and efficient analysis of data in automation systems can significantly contribute to better business results while cutting costs", said Wiesner. "This is how for example the Historian module in our PULSE™ software can help businesses grow".

Link to the article (In hebrew): Press here

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