Training Course in South America May 2018

1 June, 2018

Last week we held a PULSE training session in Buenos Aires, Argentina for System Integrators and End Usersץ The audience included people from several countries in Latin America.The training focused on the new features and capabilities in the product, including IoT, BI, SaaS/Cloud and more. We received some very positive feedback from participants, who felt the software had great potential for them. Some examples include:

•   A customer in charge of maintenance in a big agricultural company, who said he could appreciate the advantages of PULSE tools for improving the efficiency of ship loading at the port using OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) information. He believes that PULSE capabilities are aligned with the suggestions of a company whom they subcontracted to implement TPM (Total Productive maintenance).

•  An End User who works in the Projects & Engineering department of a paint factory appreciated the advantages of the different tools that PULSE provides for managing recipes, saving the data easily in an external database such as MS SQL, with total traceability, trustable audit, and following accepted Cybersecurity guidelines.

To find out more about PULSE training please contact your Afcon regional Sales Director or


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