CPG, Food & Beverages

PULSE™ Smart Command and Control solutions enable the CPG and food & beverages industries to be more efficient, more competitive and comply with regulation. Afcon’s PULSE ™ Smart Command & Control platform, used as cyber protected SCADA/ HMI software for the Food and Beverage industry enables managing:

  • Packaging - Monitor filling, bottling, and wrapping.
  • Recipes - Create user-defined recipe groups within the system, import or export recipes and real-time data. Guarantee a consistent, high quality product by tracking recipes.
  • Traceability –Meet standards for traceability. PULSE ™ includes built-in tools that help ensure the regulatory compliance to FDA requirements, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • PULSE ™ can be used as an information and reporting tool to monitor processes and avoid wasteful expense while monitoring parameters such as temperatures, humidity, movement of liquid and solid ingredients and mixtures through the production process and more.
  • Visualization - Use the PULSE ™ advanced libraries to create animations that display tank levels, valve and pump status. With PULSE ™, it’s easy for operators to understand the current status of production at a quick glance. Trends can be compared over relevant time periods for quick comparisons.
  • PULSE™ Supreme Report , presented in a web portal, provides analysis that helps achieve production and cost optimizations, as well as monitoring different stages of processes, including:
    • OEE reports
    • Energy usage reports
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11
    • Automatic reports for allergen tracing and quality control.
    • And more…

PULSE™ Mobile - Control from anywhere at any time.Our global ecosystem of local partners complements our offering. With their delivery of best practices and knowhow of your local market's specific needs and regulations, you will be able to focus on maximizing your business results.


Case study

Oranim Angel Bakery, Israel

Substituting Wizcon HMI software, the AFCON SCADA solution has complete control over every stage of the bakery's production line. It continually monitors the bakery's supply stock and updates the ingredients' quantities during the production process.

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