Water and Wastewater

PULSE™ assists running cyber secured critical water and wastewater facilities, improving efficiency, security and safety.

PULSE™ solutions and applications for water and wastewater systems provides:

  • Visualization and Monitoring of a wide range of critical parameters such as pressure and water flow.
  • Monitoring and analysis of equipment and data.
  • Alarms and Notifications –managers and operators can view the status and history of equipment, temperatures, pressures and electrical parameters, and get immediate alarms and notifications about any malfunction, including to their personal mobile phone.
  • Supreme Report – provides the information and tools you need to understand the operations, fix and troubleshoot problems.
  • Cyber SCADA protection - protection and security of our solutions are based on the most demanding security regulations and practices.

Our global ecosystem of local partners complements our offering. With their delivery of best practices and knowhow of your local market's specific needs and regulations, you will be able to focus on maximizing your business results.

Case Studies

Waste Water Treatment Plant, Slovenia

 The Wastewater Treatment plant in Sostanj, Slovenia, has been upgraded, and now handles all wastewater in the Saleska valley, serving a population of over 80,000. Initially managed many years ago by PULSE™ DOS, the software has been upgraded over the years to the Windows platform.

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Düsseldorf South Water Treatment Facility, Germany

In Germany, legislation requires that the hazardous phosphorous and nitrous compounds and other pollutants from industries be removed from wastewater before recycling. Following the legislation, the Düsseldorf South Water Treatment Facility began 116M€ renovations. The PULSETM SCADA Solution monitoring all recycling processes, manages recipes.

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Konya Municipality Water Distribution, Turkey

KOSKI, who is responsible for water distribution in Konya, needed to upgrade its control facilities, They required a robust, centralized SCADA system that could easily collect and manage the municipal water system's large volume of data, from which it could generate alarms and historical trends, create reports and more.

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