Smart & Safe City

Afcon’s unified Smart City concept integrates state of the art subsystems to allow the municipality to offer Protection and Safety, Unified City Management, and timely information to its residents with a high level of efficiency and reduced operation costs.

With our 30 years of experience and continuous investment in innovation, PULSE™ is the ideal solution for management, command and control of municipal infrastructure deployments.

For a city that wishes to launch a Smart City project, PULSE™ is an ideal robust, scalable, solution that can manage a variety of systems, devices and sensors, ready for large scale IoT deployments.

PULSE™'s robust architecture allows you to use it in a variety of beneficial ways:

  • A single Command & Control platform in a complex Smart City environment
  • A platform that works under a System of Systems software
  • As the System of Systems itself, managing other sub systems

Our architects and professional services team will support you in designing and deploying the right solution for your specific needs.

Our global ecosystem of local partners complements our offering. With their delivery of best practices and knowhow of your local market's specific needs and regulations, you will be able to focus on maximizing your business results.

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