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Pulse Training Book
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AFCON'S Evolution of SCADA/HMI





Imagine yourself as a conductor of an outstanding orchestra. With the tap of your baton you have the power to control performance and to create a concert which is music to the ears.

PULSE by AFCON is the hi-tech equivalent for conducting organizational harmony, putting all the information you need into your grasp. Visualize it. Control it. Benefit.



PULSE is the most recent evolution of AFCON's proven P-CIM for SCADA solutions. With its increased efficiency, superior visualization capabilities and highly reliable platform for production, it raises the standard of SCADA solutions for organizations of any size.

Like a well tuned orchestra, PULSE keeps everyone "on the same page". It offers engineers and executives alike one of the most advanced tools for supervisory control over manufacturing environments, for the benefit of the entire organization.

Composed for the Next Generation

PULSE enables designers to work autonomously while sharing over the net, to maximize productivity. It is fully compatible with .Net, Vista, WCF and WF, giving you a strong platform ready for today's technologies and open to meet further revisions down the road.

Flexible Service Oriented Application

PULSE provides all vital production data, whenever you need it, wherever you are. Due to high flexibility and reliability, you can securely access PULSE via internet from any computer, or use a standard disk-on-key.

Extraordinary 3D Graphic Visualization

PULSE brings SCADA to life, with spectacular visualization capabilities. Look and feel for the workspace has a "Vista-like" appearance. Executives need only one look to understand the full picture and the finest details.

Performance with Efficiency

PULSE is effortlessly integrated with your existing business systems, enabling you to work seamlessly without increased expenditure. Operating and application's maintenance costs are significantly reduced, with updates deployed through a centralized system. 

Playing it Smart

A smart information panel is integrated as a built-in diagnostic tool, offering additional historical information for performing maintenance and providing further efficiency.

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