About Us

Afcon Software, a division of Afcon Control & Automation Ltd., is a leading global provider of software solutions and services for the smart management of Control & Automation systems in the age of Digital Transformation.

We design, develop, market and deploy advanced software solutions for Command and Control of automation systems, SCADA/HMI solutions and IoT deployments – all based on the most advanced technologies.  

A world pioneer in providing SCADA/HMI Command & Control solutions for industrial automation, Afcon Software has been developing innovative solutions for the ever-changing needs of the Control & Automation world for over 30 years. We provide hardware agnostic solutions that integrate with the world’s leading control systems. Together with our global network of business partners and system integrators, Afcon Software provides the most updated, flexible and cost effective solutions to your Command & Control needs in a fast changing world.

Our solutions include:

  • PULSE™ Smart BMS
  • PULSE™ Smart IoT
  • PULSE™ Smart City
  • PULSE™ Smart Security
  • PULSE™ Smart Industrial Automation
  • PULSE™ Based Customized Solutions

Afcon Professional Services

Afcon’s Professional Services Team assists customers, business partners and professional consultants in designing custom-made solutions, tailored precisely to meet their needs. It also offers implementation assistance and post-sale support including: bill processing, database analysis, training, maintenance and technical support.

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