Afcon Professional Services

Afcon’s Professional Services and Support Team assists customers, business partners and professional consultants at all stages of a Pulse™ system deployment. This includes designing custom-made solutions, tailored precisely to meet their needs. Our team is ready to assist you with system design, graphics enhancement, drafting functional specifications, writing custom controls, extending status for customized functionality, and other custom development needs, applications optimization and enhancement. We can also deliver turnkey solutions, either from scratch or by migrating projects from our old generation P-CIM software.

In addition, the team offers implementation assistance and post-sale support including database analysis, training, maintenance and technical support. Our experienced, dedicated professional support engineers are available to provide assistance either remotely or onsite to help you meet your project's needs.

A Wealth of Experience

As part of our ongoing work with our partners, system integrators, and with tens of thousands of installations worldwide, we have acquired the know-how and experience, as well as best practices, to deliver the best, most efficient/beneficial applications to our customers.
Staff Training
The technical Support Team conducts training sessions remotely and onsite in order to teach each and every user how to develop and control his/her own application. For additional knowhow we provide custom designed webinars.
DB Performance and Advanced Features
To improve the SQL DB performance for your applications, we can provide your IT staff with database administrators. Our team can also assist with advanced feature installation/ definition, including:

  • Redundancy
  • Security
  • DRC
  • Supreme Report
  • Event Manager

P-CIM™ to PULSE™ Migrations

Due to its limited capabilities and lack of support for modern environments, many of our customers are switching over from our legacy P-CIM™ Command & Control platform, to the new and advanced PULSE™. If you are one of our longtime P-CIM™ customers and wish to upgrade to PULSE™, our Professional Services Team can offer you a migration program and project upgrade (graphics/DB/ functionalities), that will ensure a smooth path to the new technology and solutions

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