Airports & Transportation

PULSE™ enables management of cyber secured airports and transportation facilities with an integrated solution for Security, Safety, BMS and energy management.

Airports and transportation facilities are critical in our daily lives. It is vital to ensure the operations of these facilities, maximize security and safety, minimize downtime of systems, and provide pleasant environmental conditions to travelers.

With PULSE™ solutions and best practices for the transportation sector, you can ensure centralized Command and Control for all systems. Operators and supervisors have all and immediate data and alerts to run the facilities continuously, efficiently, securely and safely, and managers have information and analytics of data, to support decision making.

Our global ecosystem of local partners complements our offering. With their delivery of best practices and knowhow of your local market's specific needs and regulations, you will be able to focus on maximizing your business results.

Case studies:

Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel

The newest terminal at Ben-Gurion International Airport, Terminal 3 has been operational for over a decade. Extending Israel’s major international airport, Terminal 3 solves passenger overload, and at the same time changes the whole area both commercially and financially. Planned as a SCADA project, Terminal 3 uses PULSETM as the interface to most of the terminal’s systems.

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Montego Bay International Airport, Jamaica

Replacing Cimplicity SCADA at the Montego Bay International Airport, Afcon supplied a full turnkey solution for running the airport's new terminal system.  PULSE™ SCADA provides an all-round solution for the new terminal's entire electrical, security and control systems.

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