Beer Sheva Court, Israel

Building Management and Security Control System

The Beer Sheva High Court security system is controlled by CSI PLCs and the Afcon SCADA solution as a full control application. The following systems are used:

  • IR sensors - all rooms have infrared eyes that monitor movement
  • Distress buttons - in all judge chambers for alerting security staff
  • Entrance status - on all doors and windows

The project combines CSI (Control System International) and Afcon SCADA solution. All points are linked to a CSI PLC network connected to the Afcon SCADA solution stations located in the central control room.
The Afcon SCADA solution, the highest supervisory level in the structure, collects data from all points into the Afcon SCADA solution database. Using Advanced Alarm capabilities, the solution routes the information and starts the following sequence:

  • Displays text messages on the relevant branch of the Advanced Alarms tree
  • Generates a voice message announcing the point’s status and its location in the building
  • Opens a graphic display (which blinks) of the location of where the event occurred
  • When first clicked, the blinking object changes color, indicating that the alarm status has been acknowledged
  • A second click opens a pop up screen where the operator is required to define the problem for a historical report.
  • A counter is activated to display a summary of the number of alarms, faults and neutralized alarms on each floor


An overview of the High Court can be seen in the Main Display window. A map of a floor in the courthouse can be opened by clicking a colored button representing the floor. The color of the button is dynamic and changes according to alarm severity.

A floor’s map is in AutoCAD format. In the display, sensors are represented by colors, which are updated when a sensor’s status changes.


A display of Floor 7.

For maintenance purposes, sensors can be neutralized by clicking a button. This can be all sensors on a floor, or manually at each point. Another display summarizes all alarms, events, and neutralized sensors on all floors or of the whole building.


AFCON SOFTWARE AND ELECTRONICS developed a unique CSI driver to answer the specific requirements of building management systems. This included:

  • Actions on events
  • Alarm priority
  • PLC scheduling

The Afcon SCADA solution offers turnkey solutions. Following the original development stage, new projects can be created using the original project and changing the I/O addresses in the database. Development time of the second, third and other projects is minimal.

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