Business Partners

Channel Partners, System Integrators & Distributors

Afcon’s success has always been based on full cooperation with local partners, who best know the business and technology environments of our customers.

Our Channel Partner Program leverages a global marketing and technology network intent on bringing technology and specialized services to our customers and generating more business for our partners. Our Channel Partners are system integrators and value-added distributors that help customers get more out of their Control & Automation systems, helping them manage the Digital Transformation of their businesses.

Benefits of the Channel Partner Program

  • Access to the latest sales and marketing tools, comprehensive training and co-marketing opportunities
  • Greater discounts based on a combination of certifications, value added services and sales results
  • New revenue opportunities through professional services, support, and training

Eligibility for the Channel Partner Program

You can become an Afcon Channel Partner if you are a system integrator or a value-added distributor, operating in one of the following domains:

  • BMS – Building Management Systems and Smart Buildings
  • Industrial Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Iot Solutions
  • Smart Cities

Contact us to learn about the opportunities in becoming a PULSE™ Channel Partner.

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