Duferdofin Steel Castings Plant, Italy

Duferdofin plant, located in San Zeno, Italy, is part of the international Duferco Group. They manufacture over 800.000 tons of steel and iron castings annually. At one point they decided to upgrade the hardware and software used in their equipment’s monitoring processes.

The Afcon SCADA solution Technical Support team joined the contractors in Italy, where they provided in-house consultation throughout the change.
Afcon SCADA solution as the main SCADA system enables:

  • Automatic start/stop of advanced automation packages, enabling machine controlled mechanical casting operations during the Molding stages
  • Continual online availability of equipment’s activities

On/offline management of Casting and Flow Control systems


  • Machine 1, connected to three Siemens S5-115 PLCs wired with a Simatic H1 network
  • Machine 2, connected to two Siemens S5-115 PLCs wired with a Simatic H1





Contact Info

Visit AFCON Software and Electronics: www.afcon-inc.com Email: marketing@afcon-inc.com
Visit Defurdofin at: www.duferdofin.com

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