FGD System, Rutenberg Power Plant, Israel

Flue Gas Desulfurization Control System

Today environmentalists worldwide are setting strict limitations for electric companies. In Israel, the Electric Company is obliged to treat and improve gasses that are emitted during the electricity creation process.
One of the most effective processes for cleaning and diverting the gas is Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD). Gas is emitted into an absorber that cleans the sulfur from the gas, resulting in gypsum dust. The dust is then used as a main part of the gypsum production industry.


The Electric Company selected Lurgi Lentjes Bischoff GmbH (LLB) as the main contractor for the Rutenberg Power Station.

AFCON CONTROL AND AUTOMATION was selected as the sub-contractor for all control systems in the plant’s production line, HMI, alarms and operational control applications.



The control system in the plant is based on redundancy in all layers of the project, as follows:

  1. PLCS: The system uses five pairs of Quantum PLCs from Modicon in a hot standby configuration. In addition, there are a number of Siemens PLCs with a Modbus card and a Telemecanique PLC that came with the equipment
  2. PLC Communication: A dual MB+ network for a hot standby configuration in the PLC level.
  3. PULSETM SCADA/HMI: Two servers supporting each other through a redundancy configuration. Two servers are connected to the PLC level. They hold all displays, alarms, and the database of the plant. Seven PULSETM clients are connected to the servers. The clients are located in the local and central control rooms.
    Every update on the servers is automatically recorded on the client. The secondary server is automatically updated with any change on the primary server.
  4. PULSETM Network: Communication between operating stations and servers is through a dual Ethernet TCP/IP network as redundancy on the network connection

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