ICS (Industrial Control Systems) Cyber Security Conference in Israel

5 December, 2016

On December 5th, 2016 Afcon Software Division participated in the first ICS (Industrial Control Systems) Cyber security conference in Israel. Though ICS Cyber security is relatively a new and an emerging issue, hundreds of professionals attended the conference in order to hear and learn from the leading vendors and consultants about this critical field.

Afcon Software and Electronics Division had presented at the booth, on top of its global leading PULSETMSCADA/HMI command and control system, a live demo of its advanced ZeusTM cutting edge SIEM for Cyber security protection in Control and Automation systems. Among the multiple companies that participated and presented their products and solutions, Afcon Software and Electronics seems to be the only one that demonstrated a real working solution.

Mr. Udi Wiesner, GM of Afcon Software Division has presented in the conference an eye opening presentation that raised the question "Is your OT safe?"
He explained the need to define an organizational policy for ICS Cyber Security, and handle the need along the three axes: Products and Technologies like Afcon's ZeusTM solution, People - have the staff get the right skills, training and culture change, and set the right Processes, in order to improve the organization resilience to potential cyber-attacks on its Control and Automation systems, especially in critical infrastructures. 

Industrial Control Systems cyber security is currently an important matter among our customers. Our message is that, Afcon Software, with its leading integrator, Afcon Control and Automation, and worldwide partners are the professionals that understand the world of control systems for decades, and one can rely only on experts like us to provide a comprehensive solution to these developing thrilling threats.

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