Montego Bay International Airport, Jamaica

PULSETM SCADA replaces Cimplicity SCADA at the Montego Bay International Airport, Jamaica

Afcon supplied a full turnkey solution for running Montego Bay's new international airport terminal systems. Sangster International Airport (MBJ) is located on the northwest coast of Jamaica. The total project is estimated at US$9 million.

Afcon provides an all-round solution for the new terminal's entire electrical, security and control systems.The electrical, security and control systems are activated and monitored by the PULSETM SCADA software installed at a central control room. From there, PULSETMwill perform building management related actions, activate fire detectors when needed, receive live feed from security cameras distributed throughout the terminal and monitor the terminal's access control system.

Should the central monitoring station fail, all monitoring and control tasks will be performed by remote PULSETMstation acting as a back-up. Building management: PULSETM controls both terminals' lights grid, activating the back-up generators whenever required, and performs load balancing to prevent overloading the electrical grid.

Fire detectors: PULSETM constantly monitors the status of the fire detectors located at both terminals. In the event of a fire, notification is immediately sent to the operators, providing them with the exact location of the fire.

Terminal Security System: PULSETM receives live video feed from the security cameras placed all around the terminal, enabling the operators to quickly respond to events as they unfold.

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