Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad, India

 Supervisory Monitoring and Control

When Therelek Engineers looked for a SCADA solution for the three furnaces they were installing at the Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), they chose the Afcon SCADA solution. At NFC, natural uranium is converted into nuclear fuel. During the conversion process uranium dioxide pellets generating the heat also create radioactive by-products. The Afcon SCADA solution monitors and controls these dangerous substances at different stages of the procedure.

The solution’s main functionality is to generate reports about the conditions in the furnace. DBF files holding historical values are created and saved. Data is then sorted by basic scripting modules and logged. Report templates are created using the Crystal Reports templates.

Other requirements included:

  • Generating batch reports by demand
  • Assigning user authorization
  • Afcon SCADA solution backup
  • Copying and installing the project into two other systems.

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  • Afcon SCADA solution
  • Crystal Reports
  • Basic Scripting

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