Afcon's Advanced Series of Command & Control Platforms Brings Digital Transformation to Control & Automation Systems.

Challenged by your business needs?

  • Want to improve your operations and do more for less?
  • Need to take control of a growing heterogeneous environment?
  • Want to adopt new technologies while protecting Legacy investments?
  • The PULSE™ series of advanced Command & Control platforms can expertly manage a wide variety of digitized Control & Automation systems


Swiftly Changing Industrial Environments

Our world is changing rapidly. New technologies are emerging faster and faster, bringing many benefits, but also creating challenges for organizations. These changes blur the boundaries between traditional parts of the organization such as Information technologies (IT) and Operations technologies (OT). All these require organizations to be flexible and find the right way to embrace and deploy new innovative technologies, while protecting their past investments. This is where the PULSE™ suite of products fits in perfectly.

PULSE™ Command & Control Platform

Originally used for Command & Control solutions of SCADA/HMI industrial Control & Automation systems, PULSE™ has over the years become a robust Command & Control platform in a wide range of fields.  With its increased efficiency, usability, superior visualization capabilities and highly secured, reliable and scalable platform, it raises the standard of Command & Control solutions for organizations of any size.

Bringing Digital Transformation to Control & Automation

Afcon has 30 years of experience providing industry recognized Command & Control software platforms. During this time we’ve also been continuously investing in innovation and keeping pace with the rapid changes of the markets. This rich experience has all been channeled into the creation of PULSE™ – the ideal solution for management, command and control for industrial grade systems. It is robust and scalable and can manage a variety of systems from traditional industrial environments, all the way to large scale IoT deployments, such as Smart Factories and Smart Cities.

Enhanced Support for Emerging Environments

PULSE™ has recently been upgraded and further developed to work in the emerging environments of IoT and Cloud computing. It now also provides solutions for Big Data and Analytics, either as part of the product, or through integration with 3rd party business partners, who provide expert solutions for specific needs.

PULSE™ is the ideal Command & Control platform for the following solutions:

  • PULSE™ Smart BMS
  • PULSE™ Smart Industrial Automation
  • PULSE™ Smart Security
  • PULSE™ Smart Iot
  • PULSE™ Smart City
  • PULSE™ Based Customized Solutions


Data Availability, Flexibility and Analysis

With PULSE™, all vital data is always easily available, whenever you want it, wherever you are. Due to its high flexibility and reliability, data can be accessed easily and securely either in the cloud, or remotely on premise.

PULSE™ also brings data to life, with great visualization capabilities. Look and feel for the workspace is rendered in 3D graphics, providing designers with the most updated working environment. In addition, PULSE™ provides reporting tools and graphs that are easy to develop and use, as well as advanced big data analytics that provide you with actionable intelligence. With PULSE™, executives need only take one look in order to understand the full picture as well as the finer details.

Cyber-Secured SCADA

With the growing use of smart Command & Control software systems, and their wide adoption in a variety of solutions from Legacy industrial systems up to large scale IoT deployments, these critical facilities become attractive targets for cyber attacks. Nowadays, protecting these critical infrastructures is one of the top priorities of governments and regulation authorities.

PULSE™ is developed under the strictest and highest standards of security and its core technologies are cyber-protected. With PULSE™ not only can you effectively run your Control & Automation systems, but you can feel safe and secure doing so, knowing your most critical infrastructures and data are protected.

Design and Development of Apps

To further augment the effectiveness of the system, PULSE™ provides engineers and project managers with an easy to use application generator that allows them to develop their own applications, designed and customized to their specific needs. The generator is one of the most advanced tools available for developing applications for process visualization, data acquisition, control actions and reporting and analysis, over a variety of environments and applications. In this way, PULSE™ enables executives and managers to maximize the power of data analytics and intelligence for the benefit of operational and business excellence.

Designed for a Fast Changing World

PULSE™ is tuned into today's rhythm, enabling designers, engineers and decision makers to work in full collaboration over the net and help maximize productivity, providing a robust, powerful platform already compatible with today's technologies, ready to meet the growing demands and changing needs down the road.

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