It's All About Communication

As a leading Command & Control platform, PULSE™ must be able to handle and communicate with the maximum variety of protocols.

Beginning as a pioneer in the SCADA/HMI market, PULSE™ has developed into a world leading Smart IoT Command & Control platform that leads the industry by providing protocol support for more than 200 native drivers. This includes most of the leading vendors of hardware, machines and controllers in industrial automation, electricity, BMS, security, fire & safety, IoT markets and more.

PLC Drivers and Protocols

Afcon’s Software & Electronics' communication driver development team keeps PULSE™ up to date technologically, by supporting the newest versions of the leading PLC brands' drivers and protocols. At the same time, PULSE™ continues to support the legacy products of the same PLC families, helping our customers protect their past investments.

Custom Designed Drivers

We also develop native device drivers for specific and unique industrial or BMS equipment, on demand. This includes everything from designing the requirements up to releasing the approved and tested driver.

OPC Support

In addition to supporting and maintaining native communication drivers, PULSE™ also supports OPC  (Open Platform Communication) as a server and/or client, so in cases where  there is no support for the native communication driver, PULSE™ can communicate through the OPC client\gateway modules.

Stringent QA

All our drivers undergo a strict QA process, verifying their compatibility with the standards and correct operations with simulators and actual field equipment.

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