PULSE™ Security

  • Ensures the secured operations of critical environments

  • Encryption of all Client/Server communication and user passwords/permissions

  • Server side only storage of files, settings, communications and information

  • A multi-level authorization policy

  • A sterile software development environment

Cyber security for critical infrastructure is based on an understanding and awareness of the real-world threats and vulnerabilities that exist within the industrial Automation & Control system architectures used in most processing industries and manufacturing facilities. These issues threaten the SCADA and command and control systems that comprise most industrial environments, and impact not only the common IT infrastructure, such as Windows-based computers and network appliances (switches, routers, and firewalls), but also the SCADA software itself.

PULSE™, built for secured operations of critical environments, is developed according to strict security regulations, in a  sterilized environment, including advanced user management permission policies, encrypted data communications and an encrypted audit trail.

Comprehensive Product Level Information Security

The information security that PULSE™ provides at the product infrastructure level includes:

  • Client/Server architecture
  • All project files, server settings, communications and information saved on the server side only
  • Encrypted Client/Server communication, preventing buffer-overflow & man-in-the-middle attacks
  • All Client-side input validations are authenticated on the server side (SQL Injection Prevention)
  • All information about the user's passwords/ permissions is encrypted in the database.
  • User authentication policies within Active Directory are automatically imported to PULSE™, to define personal attributes for each user
  • All operator and application development activities are logged to an encrypted audit trail
  • Multi-level authorization policy, including geographical and functional classification

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