Advanced Solutions for Digitalized Factories

The Challenges of Digitalization

The industrial world is changing rapidly and fundamentally, presenting many new challenges. These challenges are driving the employment of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) and manufacturers must study them deeply to prepare. New products must be brought to market in ever-shorter timeframes. Customers demand products that satisfy their specific needs. Rapidly changing markets call for a growing level of flexibility. In addition, the constant desire for increased efficiency means shorter and shorter development time and the more efficient use of resources and energy. All this must be achieved without loss of quality, and wherever possible, even improved quality.

Digitalization Opportunities

The challenges brought on by digitalization, however, also present new opportunities. Factories that want to be successful in the future are seizing these opportunities now. Digitalization guarantees lower costs, improved production quality, flexibility, efficiency and shorter response time to customer requests and market demands, in different sectors such as chemical, pharma, CPG, food & beverages, water & wastewater and energy. Regardless of factory size, it's essential for decision-makers to invest in the future today.

Digitalization Benefits

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced exposure to risks
  • Implementation of innovation
  • Adaptation of technology to new production demands
  • Focus on management requirements and reports
  • Increased efficiency
  • OT interfacing with IT

PULSE™ Smart Industrial Automation Solutions for Digitalized Factories

The good news is that the PULSE™ Smart Command & Control software series already provides solutions for digitalized factories, helping them unlock new and innovative markets. It offers engineers and executives alike the most advanced tools for supervisory control over digitalized manufacturing environments, for the benefit of the entire organization. By significantly cutting down the amount of repetitive work, PULSE™ Smart also enables factories to considerably reduce production costs.

PULSE™ Smart Benefits

  • Reduced work cycle times
  • Increased productivity and savings
  • Monitoring and control of on premise Legacy components
  • Zero administration
  • Increased security, preventing vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks
  • Flexible application development
  • Multi-vertical integration for industrial automation, process control, BMS, fire and security

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