PULSE™ Smart IoT

Afcon's Robust Command & Control Platform Brings Digital Transformation to Automation & Control Systems

  • By 2020 there will be more than 20 billion connected devices
  • IoT has become so big, some now call it IoE (Internet of Everything)!
  • Are your Command & Control operations ready?
  • PULSE™ Smart IoT operates in complex IoT environments and features
  • Big Data Analytics capabilities
  • It can connect with innumerable devices over the Cloud

The IoT Revolution

No one can pinpoint exactly when the revolution started. But lately, everyone is talking about the phenomenon that is changing our everyday lives: IoT – the Internet of Things.

There are many definitions to IoT – but it certainly involves several new technologies that drive substantial change:

  • Availability of a huge variety of cheap, smart sensors and devices
  • Inexpensive, highly available communications infrastructure, mainly cellular
  • Secure Cloud computing, available anywhere, anytime, is changing the way we do business, use technology and collect data
  • Emergence of Big Data and Analytics tools for mass data

All these are changing the way we collect data, analyze it and use it in order to make decisions and operate.

Benefiting from IoT

IoT is today being used everywhere: autonomous cars, wearable devices, home consumer electronics and more. In the Control & Automation world it is changing the way we monitor and control everything: industry, facilities, infrastructure, security, cities and much more.

PULSE™ Smart IoT Command & Control Platform

Originally conceived for Command & Control solutions for SCADA/HMI industrial Control & Automation systems, PULSE™ has become, over the years, a robust Command & Control platform in a wide variety of fields. Recently PULSE™ has been upgraded and further developed to work in the newest environments of IoT and Cloud computing and includes solutions for Big Data Analytics, either as part of the product, or through integration with 3rd party business partners who provide expert solutions for specific needs.

Ideal for a Wide Variety of Environments

PULSE™ today is an ideal solution that can manage a variety of systems, devices and sensors. Its applications are therefore numerous. It can help in traditional industrial environments, such as a factory taking its first steps with deploying IoT based solutions or Industry 4.0. It can also serve a customer that wishes to launch a large scale IoT deployment, such as full blown Smart Campus, Smart City or Smart Factory.

Thanks to its robust architecture, you can use PULSE™ in a variety of ways:

  • As a single Command & Control platform in complex IoT environments
  • As a platform that works under the System of Systems software
  • As the System of Systems itself, managing other sub-systems

Our programmers and Professional Services team will support you in designing and deploying a custom-made solution, specially tailored to your needs.

Connectivity via the Cloud

PULSE™ is capable of connecting any number and type of devices or sensors over the Cloud, integrating with the IoT Cloud platforms of leading vendors such as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and others. PULSE™ also supports, and is constantly updated with, the leading connectivity protocols.

Value-Added Services

On top of the core of PULSE™ Command & Control capabilities, we also provide a large set of value-added services. These include GIS and location based services, as well as Big Data Analytics. These services are developed by us, or integrate seamlessly with services from leading vendors in areas such as predictive maintenance, energy management, environmental analysis, process analytics and much more.

Design and Develop Tools for Applications

PULSE™ provides engineers and project managers with some of the most advanced tools for designing and developing applications for process visualization, data acquisition, control actions and reporting and analysis over a variety of environments and applications, including large scale IoT deployments. PULSE™ enables executives and managers to maximize the power of data analytics and intelligence for the benefit of operational and business excellence.

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