PULSE™ Smart City

Afcon's Command & Control Platform Brings Digital Transformation to Control & Automation Systems in Smart Cities

  • 60% of the population currently own smart devices
  • By 2050 more than 6.5 billion people will be living in cities
  • Cloud computing changes the way we handle technology, analyze data and ultimately use services. Is your city ready?
  • PULSE™ Smart City is an ideal robust, scalable, solution that can manage a variety of systems, devices and sensors.
  • It comes with IoT, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics computing capabilities

Changing Cities and Their Challenges

Cities are changing dramatically. The number of people moving to urban environments is increasing rapidly, leading to major challenges:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Old, outdated infrastructure
  • Safety and security concerns
  • Greater energy consumption
  • Environmental deterioration
    Additional issues such as health, education and more

In order to meet these challenges, mayors, local governments and authorities, must prepare for the challenges of the next decade. This means, first and foremost, city infrastructure: electricity, communications, water, wastewater, traffic, parking, security, public buildings and many other assets. All these must be monitored, controlled and managed.

The Digital Transformation of Cities

New technologies are emerging that enable cities to better deal with these challenges:

  • Cloud computing
  • Big data
  • IoT
  • Mobile
  • Social media

These new technologies bring many benefits, but also create challenges for cities. They blur the boundaries between traditional parts of an organization, such as Information Technologies (IT) and Operations Technologies (OT).  Therefore, cities must be flexible, and find the right way to embrace and deploy new innovative technologies, with the ability to protect their past investments. As part of the change, city management needs to deploy sensors and devices and collect, analyze and use large amounts of data, in order to make decisions and operate.

PULSE™ Smart City

This is where the PULSE™ suite of products fits in perfectly. With our 30 years of experience providing industry recognized Command & Control software platforms, and continuous investment in innovation and keeping pace with the rapid changes of the markets, PULSE™ is the ideal solution for management, command and control of municipal infrastructure deployments.

For a city that wishes to launch a Smart City project, PULSE™ is an ideal robust, scalable, solution that can manage a variety of systems, devices and sensors. PULSE™'s robust architecture allows you to use it in a variety of beneficial ways:

  •  A single Command & Control platform in a complex Smart City environment
  • A platform that works under System of Systems software
  • As the System of Systems itself, managing other sub systems

Our architects and professional services team will support you in designing and deploying the right solution for your specific needs.

Cloud Connectivity

PULSE™ is capable of connecting any number and type of devices or sensors over the Cloud, integrating with the IoT Cloud platforms of leading vendors such as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and others. PULSE™ supports, and is constantly updated with, the leading connectivity protocols.

Value Added Services

On top of the core of PULSE™ Command & Control capabilities, we provide a large set of value added services including GIS and location based services, and big data analytics, whether developed by us, or integrating seamlessly with services from leading vendors in areas such as predictive maintenance, energy management, environmental analysis, process analytics and many more.

PULSE™ Smart Hybrid Command & Control Platform

Originally conceived for Command & Control solutions for SCADA/HMI industrial Control & Automation systems, PULSE™ has developed over the years into a robust Command & Control platform in a wide variety of fields. 

PULSE™ has recently been upgraded and further developed to work in the emerging environments of IoT and Cloud computing. It now also provides solutions for Big Data and Analytics, either as part of the product, or through integration with 3rd party business partners, who provide expert solutions for specific needs.

Designing and Developing Applications

PULSE™ provides engineers and project managers with one of the most advanced tools for designing and developing applications for process visualization, data acquisition, control actions and reporting and analysis over a variety of environments and applications. This includes large scale IoT deployments. PULSE™ enables executives and managers to maximize the power of data analytics and intelligence for the benefit of operational excellence.

A Variety of Solutions

As part of a Smart City deployment, PULSE™ is the ideal Command & Control platform for the following solutions:

  •  PULSE™ Smart BMS – to efficiently manage buildings and campuses
  • PULSE™ Smart Industrial Automation – for managing energy, electricity, water, wastewater and other municipal service infrastructures
  • PULSE™ Smart Security – for deployment of "Safe City" solutions with large scale video and surveillance equipment, sensors, alarms, fire and safety systems
  • PULSE™ Smart IoT – for collection and analysis of large amounts of heterogeneous data from a variety of sensors and devices in fields such as environment control, traffic and more...
  • PULSE™ as a Command & Control system for parking solutions
  • PULSE™ customized solutions

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