PULSE™ Reporting

  • Automated dynamic reporting for enhanced visibility

  • Production of a wide variety of reports in numerous formats

  • Graphic tools for data visualization

  • An advanced problem solving instrument

  • Available also as part of PULSE™ services in the cloud

Comprehensive reporting is vital to any industrial environment, allowing supervisors deep visibility into production processes thereby facilitating the streamlining of manufacturing methods as well as quick problem resolution. Designed for smart buildings, IoT, industrial automation, and security system applications, PULSE™ Supreme Report is the simplest solution for providing automated dynamic reports to anybody, anywhere and anytime.

A Wide Variety of Reports

With built in functions for complex reports, PULSE™ Supreme Report is perfect for creating a wide variety of reports: Alarm Reports, Audit Trail Reports, Batch Reports, Compliance Reports, Efficiency Reports, Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) Reports, Energy Audits, Laboratory Information System (LIMS) Reports, Manufacturing (MES) Reports, Production Reports, Quality Reports, Sterilizer Validation Reports, State Regulatory Reports, Thermal Uniformity Surveys (TUS), Water Quality (MOR) Reports and Wastewater Discharge (MDR) Reports. 

Numerous Different Formats and Visualization Tools

PULSE™ Supreme Report allows for generating customized reports, in a variety of formats, to best fit the intended audience. This includes: Web Portals and Interactive Reports, Microsoft Excel Reports, CSV File Reports, PDF Reports and more.

In addition to extracting, analyzing and reporting data, the platform includes a rich set of tools for visualizing the data in a variety of different ways including: tables, bar charts, pie charts and more.

A Problem Solving Instrument

PULSE™ Supreme Report is of such great benefit to any automation solution, that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. With its accountability and analysis of your processes, resulting in enhanced visibility, it provides users an easier and faster route to clearing bottlenecks, resolving problems and achieving continuous improvement.

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