PULSE™ Cloud Managed Services

  • Think it's time to move your business to the Cloud?

  • Suppliers urging you to use services rather than invest in capital IT?

  • Need services that make you more competitive?

Bringing Digital Transformation to Control & Automation via the Cloud

Cloud computing is a fact. The largest providers of the world, such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft, are currently in a non-stop race for development of new Cloud-based infrastructure, applications and services.

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based computing enables you to utilize services on a subscription basis and use a chain of services to get added-value solutions, customized to your needs.

 Among the variety of services you may find:

  • Flexible, scalable computing power and database storage
  • Big Data Analytics services activated on huge amounts of data
  • New machine learning advanced analytics on both your data and external data sources
  • Utilization and connectivity of large scale deployments of IoT sensors and devices

Cloud Security

That longtime concern, Cloud security, is no longer an issue. The rapid development of Cloud security tools provides you with state-of-the-art protection. This is typically much better than that of many organizations' own IT or OT environments.

Afcon Cloud-Based Services

Afcon Software and Electronics provides a new set of modern Cloud-based services. These enable you to store your data and use modern tools such as Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML) and others to analyze it and gain important business insights.


Ideal for a Wide Variety of Environments

PULSE™ today is an ideal solution that can manage a variety of systems, devices and sensors. Its applications are therefore numerous. It can help in traditional industrial environments, such as a factory taking its first steps with deploying IoT based solutions or Industry 4.0. It can also serve a customer that wishes to launch a large scale IoT deployment, such as full blown Smart Campus, Smart City or Smart Factory.

Connectivity via the Cloud

PULSE™ is capable of connecting any number and type of devices or sensors over the Cloud, integrating with the IoT Cloud platforms of leading vendors, such as Microsoft Azure, IoT Hub and others. PULSE™ also supports, and is constantly updated with, the leading connectivity protocols.

Gradual Migration

Moving to the Cloud needn’t be done all at once. A phased approach is possible, using a hybrid solution of PULSE™ on premise, with some of the database uploaded to the Cloud.  You could also use just some of the Cloud-based services, such as analytics. This approach provides a secure, best-of-breed solution, with maximum past investment protection, while utilizing the most advanced Cloud-based solutions.

Added-Value Services

On top of the core of PULSE™ Command & Control capabilities, we also provide a large set of Added-Value Services. These include GIS and location based services, as well as Big Data Analytics. These services are developed by us, or integrate seamlessly with services from leading vendors in such areas as: predictive maintenance, energy management, environmental analysis, process analytics and more.

PULSE™ Smart Hybrid Command & Control Platform

Originally conceived for Command & Control solutions for SCADA/HMI industrial Control & Automation systems, PULSE™has developed over the years into a robust Command & Control platform in a wide variety of fields. 

PULSE™ has recently been upgraded and further developed to work in the emerging environments of IoT and Cloud computing. It now also provides solutions for Big Data Analytics, either as part of the product, or through integration with 3rd party business partners, who provide expert solutions for specific needs.

PULSE™ is the ideal Command & Control platform for the following solutions:

  • PULSE™ Smart BMS
  • PULSE™ Smart Security
  • PULSE™ Smart Iot
  • PULSE™ Smart City
  • PULSE™ Smart Industrial Automation
  • PULSE™ Based Customized Solutions

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