PULSE™ Energy

  • Real-time power/energy consumption visualization, monitoring and management

  • Automatic targets/tolerances for consumption rates and alarms for exceeding them

  • Identification of opportunities for improvement and more efficient use of assets

  • WEB-based client/server architecture for access anywhere, anytime

  • Comprehensive data reporting by company, department or meter

In today’s competitive global economy, with soaring energy costs and increasing environmental regulations, the ability to quickly analyze and closely control operating costs has become more critical than ever. Everyone is looking for ways to lower energy costs by reducing consumption.

PULSE™ Energy is an Energy Management Software (EMS) solution that delivers browser-independent, real-time power/energy consumption visualization, monitoring and management at industrial plants, smart buildings and large campuses. The platform offers advanced analysis, reporting, and billing functions designed to help you make sense of the massive quantities of data collected and identify potential sources of energy savings. It also helps you organize and utilize utilities much more efficiently vis-a-vis the use of your assets.

Save Energy

PULSE™ Energy lets you monitor, manage and reduce your energy consumption by visualizing your energy data with a wide range of analysis tools. Set automatic targets and tolerances for your consumption rates and let  PULSE™ Energy's alarm mechanism notify you when you exceed them. By enabling you to access data anywhere, anytime via the internet,  PULSE™ Energy allows you to easily identify opportunities for improvement and save money.

Comprehensive Data Reporting

Access your organization's energy data in one place and see relevant reports. Analyze historical data by company, department or meter and identify where energy saving opportunities lie and how the best ROI can be achieved. Reduce consumption rates and demonstrate the cost savings.

Client/Server Architecture

Complete WEB-based, Client/Server architecture provides access anywhere, anytime via the internet or local LAN, with an adaptive design that accommodates different screen sizes. Includes grow-as-you-go architecture that allows you to expand from a single device to thousands. Also provides secure access and encrypted communication using local or remote MS-SQL database.

On-Premise Architecture

PULSE™ Energy's on-premise architecture provides a solution for systems that are deployed in a traditional manner and installed locally on the company’s own servers and locally managed.  PULSE™ Energy collects consumption data in real-time from the energy meters database.

Cloud-Based Architecture

By moving to a cloud-based environment, PULSE™ Energy providers and users can significantly reduce costs and achieve greater reliability, security and enhanced functionality. In addition to eliminating the expenses and problems related to the hardware layer of IT infrastructure, cloud-based PULSE™ Energy enables users to view data on different devices anytime, anywhere. PULSE™ Energy’s Cloud-based (SaaS) architecture releases end-users from dealing with software installations, growing hardware and database requirements, security and more.         

Professional Services

Afcon Professional Services further enhance your use of the PULSE™ Energy platform. We offer implementation assistance, custom programming and development of integrations to other systems, bill processing, database analysis, training, and technical support. Get more out of PULSE™ Energy, including:

  • Bundling of PULSE™ Energy + PULSE™ SCADA/HMI together
  • Training
  • Creation of custom Reports
  • Maintenance and Support

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