PULSE™ Mobile


  • Full, real-time data reporting, via user-friendly dashboard on your mobile

  • Instant alarm notification and distribution for rapid emergency response

  • Shareable info and trend graphs according to security privileges

  • Comprehensive security features, including encrypted SSL communication

The ultimate solution for the on-the-go, digital age – PULSE™ Mobile enables any organization to proactively and securely control its systems from anywhere. The app provides the right information, to the right person, at the right place and time.

  • Full data availability and secured remote access help users make informed decisions anywhere, any time
  • Mobile users can monitor real-time data and perform actions via smartphones and tablets, for both iOS and Android
  • A quick glance at the dashboard provides the system’s state, including real-time alarms and historical data

Effective Emergency Management

  • Ensures quick, effective emergency response by providing all required information to relevant personnel, for any problem facing the facility
  • Real-time alarm notification with the ability to display all critical information, filterable by location and function
  • Provides the most vital information, subject to security privileges

PULSE™ Mobile Real-Time Data Availability

PULSE™ mobile provides both real-time and historical data, including the display of trend graphs:

  • Multiple time view options (by hours, days or weeks)
  • Manage groups directly from the mobile device
  • Change set points
  • Share graph images and other data using any standard sharing option, including SMS

Multi-Alarm Distribution Support

  • Distributes alarms in parallel using various paths: smart-app notification, email, or via SMS (when internet is off)
  • Supports alarm notification distribution according to user groups, policies and/or shifts, directly from the PULSE™ server, with an option to acknowledge, view historical data and share details via SMS/ email

Robust Security

  • Remote access security, protecting your facility's critical systems from potentially harmful actions
  • Secure connection through user, project and password protection
  • Permissions control
  • A hardware security mechanism, preventing access of unauthorized devices to the PULSE™ server
  • Encrypted SSL communication
  • Session time-out feature for additional protection against unauthorized users
  • Audit trail that retains a log of the user’s device operations

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