PULSE™ enables management of "digital age" smart retail facilities, improving efficiency, security and safety.

In the fast changing world of commerce retailers must cut their costs and find new ways to increase their revenues, as well as customer satisfaction. With PULSE™ solutions and best practices for efficient energy management, environmental control, security, IoT and analytics, retailers are able to cut operational costs, monitor the quality of goods throughout the supply chain, minimize loss of revenues and offer new services and higher quality levels to their clients.

Our global ecosystem of local partners complements our offering. With their delivery of best practices and knowhow of your local market's specific needs and regulations, you will be able to focus on maximizing your business results.

Case study:

Disco Supermarket Chain, Argentina

Disco is a leading supermarket chain in Argentina with over 220 stores. AFCON PULSE™ networked stations, installed in supermarkets throughout the chain, supervise and control a vast array of PLCs. The PLCs collect data from dozens of refrigerators located in each store, as well as controlling the central ventilation and air-conditioning. The PLCs also monitor the fire detectors and control lighting in the stores.

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