Waste Water Treatment Plant, Slovenia

Wastewater Treatment in the Šaleška Valley, Sostanj, Slovenia

Keeping in step with today’s worldwide demands to protect the environment, the city of Velenje, Slovenia added a new section to their existing wastewater treatment plant. The system now handles all wastewater in the Saleska valley, serving a population of over 80,000.

The plant was built in the 1980s and is supported by ProSYS d.o.o. using PULSETM  SCADA/HMI; created by AFCON Control and Automation to run the plant and to support the needs required by the area’s growing population.

PULSETM DOS, the first application installed, has been upgraded over the years to the Windows platform.
During this time PLCs were replaced, radio communications with remote pumping stations have been added and recently a web application enabling control from the main office in Valenje has been implemented.


Status reports are generated by PULSETM and displayed on a Delphi Report Viewer, programmed by ProSys developers.








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